Maintenance-free, clean and safe energy.
Maximum capacity, and therefore also maximum autonomy.
Complete product range.
High quality, supremely reliable.
Batteries according to both
US and European standards.
Low self-discharge rate for longer service life.

They perform a far driven quality control on each battery (!) and distinguish themselves by their dedication to the newest technologies!

The ZENITH batteries are manufactured with internal grids with thick meshes, able to keep a big quanity of paste as sponge-shaped lead, thus assuring high cranking currents and an excellent recovery from deep discharges.

The minimum electrolyte quantity necessary to assure the correct functioning is absorbed in the fibreglass separators, between positive and negative grids, preventing the electrolyte from coming out from the battery.

The terminals are dipped into epoxy resin adhesive materials which assure a perfect seal.

The one-way safety valve enables to release any eventual excessive internal pressure among a specific range between 0,07 and 0,43 kPa.